This is a win-win for our students, colleges and the state’s taxpayers. Requiring unnecessary remediation courses can have severely damaging consequences. AB 705 calls on our system to engage in statewide reforms that will provide every student with a strong start on their way to earning a degree, certificate or transferring to a university.
— Eloy Oakley, Chancellor, California Community Colleges

Changes By Subject 

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When will AB 705 take effect?

AB 705 is legislation intended to support assessment and placement strategies proven to increase student completion rates and close the achievement gap by requiring colleges to consider a student's high school coursework and GPA as primary determining factors for placement. A broad group of stakeholders are working to make high school data the primary predictor of readiness for college-level coursework for all students by spring 2019. 

Attend a workshop

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has made the implementation of AB 705 a topic of its 2018 Curriculum Institute.  July 11-14 in Riverside, CA. Registration is open now. 

Check back for additional workshops.